I’ve had this ongoing argument with my son about who is taller. And this had been going on since he reached puberty…and that is..oh..about 15 years ago?!

I’ve argued that the floor was slanted when we measured or that his hair is thicker or that gravity was stronger where I stood or that the measuring tape was not accurate.

Any argument to screw up his logic.

And really, from where i stand, when I eyeball him, he is as tall as I am. Not taller. Just the same.

Yesterday though, something occurred that is definitive proof that he is taller than me.

We are in an airbnb apartment. Sharing the same bathroom and shower. I’ve noticed that if I shower after him, somehow, when i turn on the shower, the flow of water just shoots over my head and hits the back of the shower stall. And i stand there under the shower, still dry.

At first, I considered that it was a faulty shower head. I mean, this was what psychologists would call “Self-bias” at its best, Where I am always right and everything else is wrong. I’m not shorter, its the shower head that is the problem.

Then I realised the actual reason for this. He was just taller than me and had adjusted the shower head to his height.

Nothing like having this realisation thrown in your face like a cold bucket of water…or like a cold shower directly in your face.

The moment has come to finally admit that my son is taller than me. That I no longer am the largest, tallest man in the house.

Took him long enough…!