Hey, before you lean on that wall or put your hand on it to support yourself, you may want to check if the wall is haram (forbidden) or not. It might have been painted on with a non-Halal paint brush.

It’s not everyday that we pay attention to such a mundane and innocuous item such as a paintbrush. But there is a saying that everyone will get their 5 minutes of fame. And for the mundane and innocuous paint brush that day was Feb. 8th, 2017.

Where the Malaysian mass media, traditional and online, started reporting on the seizure of 2,000 plus paintbrushes that were detrimental to the well being of the muslims in Malaysia. A sample of one of the reports below.


According to the reports, the seized brushes were made of pigs hair. In other words, the brushes were made of a product that was Haram (forbidden for muslims).

What I don’t understand though is this.

1. From the pictures i’ve seen of pigs, they don’t seem to have any hair at all.┬áSo where does all that hair to make the paintbrushes come from?

2. Don’t the paintbrushes have wooden handles that can prevent a person from touching the hair or brush part?

3. Why fine the shops and not the manufacturers for not displaying or informing the public of the make up of the brush?

And finally, for those brushes that were used before this brouhaha…if they were used to paint walls, are those walls now haram too? if they were used to paint houses, then is that whole house deemed haram too, no?

So look out, there may be many properties coming up for sale soon as those who prefer to stay in a fully halal house, may need to sell their now dubious houses.